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Painting and Coatings: we provide modern paints available in various specialized formulations that can be fade resistant, chip resistant, odor – free, antibiotic to resist mould and fungi growth;

Paint Supply: We provide Modern paints which are low-to no (zero) volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These paints are safer for the environment and have little or no odor.

In addition for surfaces where a very smooth surface is desired, most retailers carry inexpensive chemicals that can be added to paints to better make the paint flow or lay flat. Such additives are preferable to thinning paint, which can change some of the paints characteristics.

Our Paints Include:

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Washable Paint – Luxurious Silk, Acrylic PVA’s, Weather guard
Undercoats – Plaster Primer and Universal Coats
Gloss Paints
Textured Paints ie:Mammoran